Namibian Domains
This page is only for Local Namibians registrants or Namibian Companies
(Namibian's may need to prove local residence or Namibian company registration documents)
Foreigners are restricted to Super Special Premium prices here

  Register your own Namibian Domain Name in 3 easy steps.
   Step 1 Check if your name is available.
   Step 2 Choose your period.
   Step 3 Provide your billing details. 
Domain Name Registration fees 1 year
Namibian Registrant
1 year
Foreign Registrant (Commercial Sites, more popular) (Organizations, NGO's)
U$ 120.00 U$ 1 164.00 (Commercial, alternate commercial) U$ 165.00 U$    165.00
.na (ccTLD)  U$ 675.00 U$ 7 000.00
Click here if you are a foreign registrant.
All domain names include free zone file hosting services if you wish, or you may choose your own name servers, please tell us via our Ticket system.
Click here if you are Namibian or own a Namibian company for Namibian currency.
Discounts are available for bulk orders and longer contracts.
(10% for 2 years, 20% for 5 years)
Renewals cost the same as registration fees.
(Transfers have no cost and only require an authorization letter/email from legal registrant.)

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(We accept credit cards VISA/MASTERCARD )
If you wish to pay via Paypal, Google Checkout or 2Checkout you may do so, please talk to us
Info.NA Namibia's Premium Domain Registrar.
Allow 24 hours for domain propagation
Info.Na Domain Search helps you search,
find and register available Namibian Domain Names
easily and more importantly FAST!

Few points to keep in mind while searching for domain names.
Valid characters are A through Z, 0 through 9 and hyphen (-)
There is a limit of 24 characters (not including .COM.NA, .ORG.NA, etc.)
Domain names cannot start or end with a hyphen (-)

Enjoy Searching !

 Search terms: namibian domain, .na,,, namibian registrar
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